• Midwest LSA Expo Update

    We had a great time showing off the Alto NG light sport aircraft at the Midwest LSA Expo last weekend! Thanks to all those who stopped by to see the all new Alto NG. We were also interviewed by Dan John from https://bydanjohnson.com/. We appreciate all he had to say about the Alto NG. Check out his full article below, and contact us if you are interested in learning more or ready to order your very own!

  • Alto NG Light Sport Planes Assembly

    We are excited to begin work assembling the first 2 Alto NG Light Sport Airplanes to arrive in the USA! Thankful to have a dependable team here at KSRC airport for the final assembly and inspections. These planes will be ready soon. We can’t wait to show everyone how they fly!

  • New Alto NGs have Arrived in Searcy

    We’re so excited that the first 2 Alto NG light sport aircrafts have arrived and been unloaded at the airport in Searcy! Christmas came early! Can’t wait to get these unwrapped and ready to fly. It won’t be long!

  • Alto NGs have Shipped

    Our first 2 airplanes are safely loaded into the containers and are on the ship heading to the USA! First stop, Savannah, GA.

  • Our First Panel

    Take a look at our first panel design for the Alto NGs. We can’t wait to partner with you on designing and customizing your dream panel to your specifications!